Aesthetic Testimonials

Victoria’s Aesthetic Success Story

Victoria had been battling the hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tones of melasma for years. This hormonal dysregulation of pigment, coupled with years of sun exposure made Victoria self conscious when not wearing makeup. After just 2 weeks on our Obagi skin care system it was already evident she was going to have great success in improving her complexion. Victoria was followed regularly at FamWell so that we were able to individualize her treatment plan. After 4-6 months Victoria achieved the clear, glowing, flawless skin she had always longed for. She even let us add a little Botox and Juvederm to accentuate her beauty. Of course, don’t forget the Latisse for those gorgeous, long lashes. And there you have it. †


Beth’s Aesthetic Success Story

Growing up in Florida as a child, I never wore sunscreen. My melasma was more noticeable in the summer and it was hard to conceal the uneven skin tone. My friend recommended FamWell and with their expertise and Obagi products, I now barley wear make-up. My friends and complete strangers ask what make-up I wear and it’s great to be able to tell them I am not wearing make-up, I’m using Obagi! †

~ Beth

Gina’s Aesthetic Success Story

My name is Gina and I started using the Obagi products in June 2011. My face had a lot of scar marks, redness, pimples and dark areas around my mouth. Within the first few weeks of using the products I noticed several changes such as the dark areas around my month became lighter and the redness began to recede. Not just myself but the people around me also noticed the changes. Now when I’m around people I am not self conscious about my face but am very comfortable. I used to wear a lot of makeup to cover up my scars but now I don’t because of the Obagi products which helped me tremendously. I would recommend this product to anyone. †

~ Gina


† Individual results and experience may vary.