Weight Loss Testimonials

Cole’s Weight Loss Success Story

At the age of 37, I was 275 pounds, out of shape and getting near the danger zones for blood pressure, blood sugar and several other important signs of health. I knew I needed to lose weight and had lost about 20 pounds on another weight loss system a year earlier, but had gained every pound that I lost within a couple of months. I was skeptical.

When I started at FamWell, I wasn’t all that confident that I would see results. But in the first week, I lost 13 pounds. Two weeks in, I was down 22 1/2 pounds and in total, lost 52 pounds. But the best part? I’ve kept it off. A year later, I’m wearing clothes the size that I did in college (that was 20 years ago). FamWell has changed my health, my life and my wardrobe! I recommend FamWell to anyone who is ready to make a change and become a healthier version of themselves. †

~ Cole

Michael’s Weight Loss Success Story

Michael came to our FamWell medical center because his mother was concerned about his weight and the potential health problems an overweight adolescent can face. He wanted to be active like friends his age. Michael came in as a very guarded, quiet and shy person. He too had goals; he just wouldn’t talk about them much in the beginning of his program. Frequently, Michael’s entire family joins him during his weekly visits to our medical center, sharing in and supporting his success.

The FamWell medical team has become attached not only to Michael but his entire family. Affectionately, we like to refer to them as the “fab five.” Michael and his family exemplify how important it is for patients to have a supportive network of friends, family, and clinicians in their effort to achieve success in this program. It is not just about the weight loss, as Michael surpassed his goal, he also now walks into the office as a confident young man. He is now very active in sports now, talks to us and as you can see smiles for the camera. We are so thankful to be part of his and the entire family’s transformation. †

~ The FamWell Team

Tammie’s Weight Loss Success Story

I have been on the FamWell Hormone Replacement Therapy program for about a year now and the Weight Program for 9 months. I cannot begin to tell you how much BOTH programs have helped me feel SO much better! I had a history of headaches/migraines since I was very young and with the hormone therapy I very rarely have headaches and am on no prescription medicine for them! I also had some other medical issues, but no longer suffer with them, either. I really do feel like a new person! To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from the Weight Program, because as many others, I had tried everything out there. I lost 7 1/2 pounds the first week and as of now I have lost 55.4 pounds! It is great to receive compliments and enjoy shopping, again! I want to lose more and with FamWell’s wonderful, caring and encouraging staff, I know I can do it! I never thought it possible, but with their help, it is! I cannot thank them enough for these programs!!! †

~ Tammie


† Individual results and experience may vary.