My experience with Lucia at Famwell MD has given me back my confidence. About 2 years ago, I noticed that my eyebrows had diminished to almost nothing. I appeared to have "spock-like" eyebrows. I didn't feel attractive and struggled to draw them on daily, Lucia was highly recommended and I took the plunge and set up an appointment. I knew I didn't want to draw my eyebrows on for the rest of my life and it was always a struggle to get them to look natural. I cannot thank Lucia enough for giving me back my eyebrows. She is extremely talented and a true artist. She listens to what you would like and then enhances it with her artistic talent. First, she drew the look on me to get my approval and then she began the process. The actual tattooing process takes time. You are set up for 3 appointments in total about 6 weeks apart from each other to allow for healing. Lucia draws on individual hairs to give you a natural look and uses different shades that will enhance the eyebrow. She keeps the process painless by applying topical anesthetic. Your eyebrows look normal immediately after the process. You need to apply topical ointment to the brow for a few days to assist with the healing and can wear makeup after 3 days. I am truly grateful for my new eyebrows and feel complete. Lucia is extremely talented and if anyone is nervous about cosmetic tattooing, I'm here to tell you, go for it. I'm so pleased with the entire experience.

Lucia Rocks!!!

Thank you
Patient (submitted 6/12/2019)

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