Achieve Greater Health with Hormone Replacement Therapy

Not everyone is aware of how many symptoms a hormonal imbalance can trigger. Depending on the severity of the imbalance, it can affect the mind and body in quite a few ways. Fortunately, the right approach to hormone replacement therapy makes it possible to overcome those issues and enjoy a higher level of physical and emotional health. Here are some examples of what the right therapy will do for you.

Your Mood Is Balanced

An imbalance paves the way for all sorts of nervous and emotional issues. From higher levels of irritability to developing depression or some form of anxiety disorder, your mood will quickly bounce from one state to another. It’s only after you begin hormone replacement therapy and it starts to work that you notice those problems fade away. Eventually, you can recover the emotional equilibrium that you enjoyed in the past.

You Have More Energy

A hormonal imbalance saps your mental as well as physical energy. Even the most routine of tasks leaves you exhausted on both fronts. Taking a nap does little to help you feel better. By choosing to undergo hormone replacement therapy, the situation reverses over time. You don’t feel worn out before even starting the day.

You Can Sleep Better

Sleep disturbances and hormone imbalances go hand in hand. Getting to sleep is difficult because your body is tense and your mind won’t slow down. Even if you get to sleep, the odds of staying that way for long are low. Once the hormone replacement therapy begins to take effect, your sleep pattern returns to normal. That goes a long way toward helping you to feel refreshed in the morning.

You Feel Desire Again

One of the first things to go when you have a hormone imbalance is the desire for intimacy. It’s not that you stop loving your romantic partner. The problem is that there’s no interest at all. As you begin hormone replacement therapy, that old interest in intimacy begins to return. That in turn also helps to restore your sense of being emotionally balanced.

Along with losing the desire for intimacy, your ability to participate in intimate acts may be compromised. Until something is done to correct the hormone imbalance, things will only get worse. After a few weeks of hormone replacement therapy, you’re interest and your ability to engage in intimacy will begin to return. Both you and your romantic partner will be a lot happier.

Do you wonder if hormone replacement therapy would have a positive effect on some of your health woes? At FamWellMD, we’ll run tests to determine your hormone levels. If any of them are low, we’ll talk with you about therapy designed to restore them to a normal range. We are conveniently located in Jacksonville, FL. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!