Acne Treatment: What are My Options?

Acne is the most common skin condition among young adults. It is a common misconception that only teenagers get breakouts; they can actually continue all the way into your late twenties – even into your thirties or older. Regardless of your age, you owe it to yourself to learn about the available acne treatment options.

There are several different options to treat acne. It is important to be evaluated by a professional to make sure that the treatment option is appropriate for your skin type and also the type of acne that you are experiencing. The treatment may include a combination of therapies for optimal results.

Fotona Laser

One option for acne treatment is skin resurfacing. With the Fotona laser, our technician is able to use laser technology to treat the acne on your skin. The Fotona laser has a three-step process which consists of a conditioning period when your skin is introduced to a short stimulus during the first pass. This penetrates the tissue with heating during the second pass. The next step is fractional therapy, where the older skin is ablated away and then the skin is treated with new, tighter and healthier tissues as the new skin begins to form. Lastly, there is the peeling stage, where the skin is ablated with a light, removing superficial imperfections.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels have been around for a while, but they still get the job done when it comes to acne treatment. They are very helpful in rejuvenating your skin and especially with treating acne and the scarring that is sometimes accompanied. Acne skin peels will help to remove plugs from pores and treat and prevent future acne from forming. For the best results in treating acne with chemical peels, it’s usually necessary to come back for maintenance peels every so often.

Learn More Information

These are just a couple of the treatments that we have available at FamWell MD. If you are struggling with acne and have not found an appropriate acne treatment option yet, make an appointment with us in Jacksonville, FL. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.