Age Spots Treatment Options

Age spots are also called liver spots, sunspots and solar lentigo. They are flat, brown, black or tan spots that commonly appear on the areas of skin that receive the most exposure to the sun such as the hands, arms, shoulders and face. Since they are commonly seen on older people, they are called age spots, but they can appear on younger people if they are regularly out in the sun.

Prevention by using sunscreen is one of the best ways to avoid age spots, but if you already have them, they may be unattractive to you. You have several treatment options to get rid of age spots or make them less noticeable.

It is important to visit our specialist before you consider any treatment. This is because your spots need to be diagnosed as age spots and not some other skin condition. Age spots are harmless, but if you have a spot that is very dark, rapidly increases in size, has a combination of colors, has an irregular border and itches or bleeds, it may not be an age spot and may require other types of treatment.

The pigment that produces the spot is at the base of the top layer of skin or the epidermis. Any treatment must penetrate the skin to this level. The most common treatments that we offer for age spots are:

• Obagi skin products, which are medical-grade and much more effective than over-the-counter products.

• Laser therapy, which destroys the cells that produce the pigment. The laser doesn’t damage the surrounding skin. It may take weeks or months for the age spots to fade. Most people require multiple treatment sessions.

• RF therapy, which works in much the same way as laser therapy.

These treatments can effectively remove or reduce the appearance of age spots. When you talk to our specialist at FamWell MD, you will learn which treatment is your best option. Contact us today to book a consultation in Jacksonville.