BOTOX Treatment For Wrinkles

Stubborn wrinkles that become more and more prominent when you smile or frown are certainly a cause for concern. It’s not that these wrinkles pose some sort of health hazard, but they can indeed detract from your appearance. All you have to do is purse your lips or widen your eyes, and suddenly you look ten years older. What do you do about these unwelcome smile lines and crow’s feet? A BOTOX treatment may help.

BOTOX® is an injectable fluid that prevents these wrinkles from appearing. If this sounds like magic, we’re not surprised. It does indeed seem like a miracle fix. However, it’s really just science at work. It’s not about treating the skin directly – it’s about keeping some of your facial muscles in a relaxed state.

Your Facial Muscles at Work

As you age and mature, your facial skin contains less and less collagen and other proteins. It also thins out a bit, and this is why wrinkles become more prominent after you hit the age of 35. Your facial muscles continue their job as before. They contract when your brain sends signals, and this is what allows you to perform facial expressions.

Countless thousands of facial muscle contractions performed over the years eventually results in creasing in certain areas of the skin. This is similar to what causes stretch marks. If only some of these muscles could be ordered to stay relaxed, you’d still be able to smile and frown, but the dynamic wrinkles and smile lines would be far less evident. This is what a BOTOX treatment may achieve.

Consultation and Treatment

This isn’t a treatment for you to be performing at home. It takes a skilled dermatologist to design a customized treatment. This is because everyone’s facial muscles are somewhat unique in terms of size and strength. The idea is to relax certain muscles while leaving others unaffected. You’ll still want to be able to smile at your friends and family, so let the professional dermatologist perform this treatment. When we sit down with you for a consultation, we’ll examine your facial muscles closely while you make a series of expressions. We’ll give you realistic outcome predictions. The treatment itself takes only about 15 minutes to complete.

The injectable fluid is a purified protein serum. This serum acts as a nerve signal blocker. After a couple of days have passed, you’ll notice that your skin isn’t being pulled or pinched as much as before treatment. Some of these upper-level muscles are now remaining in a relaxed state, and the dynamic wrinkles are no longer forming. Sensory nerves aren’t affected by the BOTOX® fluid, so your face won’t feel numb. The effect lasts for about five months, after which time you can have the treatment repeated.

A Simple Solution for Dynamic Wrinkles

There’s no simpler treatment for smoothing away fine wrinkles and marionette lines. BOTOX® is the most popular wrinkle treatment on the planet, and the results are quite amazing. Take years off your appearance with a 15-minute BOTOX treatment. For more information, feel free to make an appointment with FamWell MD. At our convenient locations in Jacksonville, you can learn just how easy it is to restore your youthful appearance and raise your self-esteem. Contact us today to set up your consultation!