Correcting Hormonal Imbalance via Hormone Replacement Therapy

If you’re getting older, your hormones will start to decrease in production. It’s a fact of life. This can cause a series of problems for both men and women. In fact, hormone imbalance is typically the reason behind a lot of aging signs that humans suffer from. Today, there is an effective way to treat hormonal imbalance so that you can enjoy your life uninterrupted. This treatment is known as hormone replacement therapy, and it could work for you.

Common Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms

Men and women who suffer from hormonal imbalances may do so without realizing that the problem is due to their hormones. For men, if you notice that your sex drive is reduced, you’re losing hair, you’re losing muscle definition, you’re gaining weight, and your overall energy levels are subdued, then you’re likely in the andropause part of your life. For many men, these symptoms can alter their lifestyle entirely. They can make them feel less masculine and can even cause depression.

This shared suffering is found with women who are suffering from menopause. While you may be pleased that menstruation is over, menopause comes with its own problems. You may notice a lack of sex drive as well. It’s also common for women to experience vaginal dryness, hair loss, increased wrinkle development, low energy levels, weight gain, and hot flashes. Similar to men, women may also feel depressed about these changes.

Hormone Replacement Therapy to the Rescue

For both men and women, there is a solution. Hormone replacement therapy is an effective method for regulating hormone amounts. We will take a test to see what level of hormones exist within your body. With that number in mind, we can then come up with a correct dosage that will keep your levels back to where they should be. By correcting the hormonal imbalance, your body can run as efficiently as it did before.

Both men and women can experience relief of their symptoms with hormone replacement therapy. This can further cause a greater sense of satisfaction, peace, and happiness because they no longer feel as though they’re a prisoner of their own bodies.

To take charge of your life and correct the hormonal imbalance that is causing you distress, you should talk to our team at FamWell MD. We’ll help you find relief. Contact us today to book an appointment in Jacksonville and get started.