Enlarged Pores Treatment: What Are My Options?

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Enlarged pores are the bane of people with oily skin, people who are of a certain age or even people who have unfortunate genes. Indeed, the oil from oily skin magnifies pores and makes them look even larger. Aging reduces the ability of the skin to renew itself and slows down the production of springy collagen. This also leaves the skin with large pores. Fortunately, there are a few options when it comes to enlarged pores treatment.

Options to Treat Enlarged Pores

Sometimes enlarged pores treatment is simple. The person just needs to make sure they clean their skin every night. This means taking off all make-up and avoiding regular soap which can be too harsh for most skin. Glycerin-based soap bars are good for washing the skin. After the skin is cleansed, apply a toner to tighten it and make enlarged pores less noticeable. Though it may come as a surprise to most people with oily skin, moisturizing their skin after washing it protects the skin by keeping dirt and debris out of the pores. A person who has oily skin should use a water-based moisturizer.

Isolaz Enlarged Pores Treatment

This treatment method excels at cleaning out pore-clogging and enlarging debris, which smooths your skin and gives you a clear complexion. It also treats acne-causing bacteria and blackheads, as well as reducing excessive oils. This all results in your pore openings shrinking.

CORE CO2 Laser

This is done in our office. We use a handheld device to deliver laser light to the skin. It is non-ablative, which means it only heats the deeper layers of the skin but does not burn it. This treatment stimulates the body into producing collagen which reduces the size of enlarged pores.

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