Experiencing a Hormone Imbalance? Consider Hormone Therapy

Variations in our hormone levels may cause an array of symptoms that bring about disruption to our normal activities of daily living. Hot flashes, night sweats, low libido, weight gain, and depression are all problematic symptoms that may be associated with hormone imbalances. If you find that your symptoms are becoming far too disruptive for you to handle alone, you may want to schedule a consultation at our office. During your consultation, our specialist can get a better understanding of what may be causing your symptoms. If it is determined that a hormone imbalance is a cause for your symptoms, hormone therapy may be the very tool you need to balance your life again.

Hormone replacement therapy assists your body by synthetically replenishing its lost hormones, helping to diminish the problematic symptoms that are causing your life’s disruption. This method of hormone imbalance treatment comes in different forms. If you are experiencing an imbalance of hormones, there are many ways hormone therapy may work well for you.

For one, hormone imbalances may cause depression. If you have been stuck in a rut to the point that you are no longer enjoying things that normally make you feel happy, you may be experiencing depression as the result of a hormone imbalance. Hormone therapy can help balance your hormone levels and give you back your joy.

Low libido can happen for any reason, but if it is interrupting your intimate and romantic relationships more than normal, hormone imbalances may be the culprit. If a hormone imbalance is a suspected cause, speak with our physician to discuss if hormone replacement would help you to regain your confidence in the bedroom again.

Menopause is widely known to cause hot flashes and mood swings. Unfortunately, not many people are aware that it may cause fatigue as well. If your problematic symptoms of hot flashes, mood swings, or fatigue are caused by an underlying hormone imbalance, hormone replacement therapy can assist in alleviating those symptoms.

If you have been suffering from the symptoms of low libido, depression, hot flashes, mood swings, and an inability to lose weight, hormone replacement therapy is a wonderful method of physician-monitored treatment. Consult with our team at FamWell MD in Jacksonville to learn more about how hormone therapy can help you balance your life again. Contact us today to book your appointment!