Hair Loss Treatment: Who is a Candidate?

Hair loss happens to a significant number of people. While some consider it to be mainly a male issue, women can also experience bald spots, thinning hair, or even receding hairlines. Depending on the reason for the loss, you could take advantage of professional hair loss treatment to turn your situation around, perhaps even reversing the issue. But who is a good candidate for hair loss treatment?

People Who Have Experienced Hormonal Imbalances

Temporary conditions that lead to some sort of hormonal imbalance can cause hair to thin, leaving bald spots. The underlying cause can be the condition itself or the medication used to provide relief while the person recovers. For example, the loss may be due to moderate to severe depression, or it could be a side effect of the anti-depressants that you take in order to ease the depression.

It’s not unusual for women to experience some hair loss during or just after a pregnancy. Menopause and an overactive or underactive thyroid can also lead to losing hair. The type of hair loss treatment employed will depend on the reason for the loss, the general health of the patient, and whether or not the underlying cause has been resolved.

People Who are Dealing With a Chronic Illness

Chronic health issues can also lead to hair loss. For example, there are cases of people living with types 1 and 2 diabetes who notice their hair thins over time. The same is true for people who have fibromyalgia and other diseases. While the odds of hair loss are greater if your condition is not controlled, even people who are managing their conditions to the best of their ability may find that the right hair loss treatment prevents further loss and may even restore a full head of hair.

People Who Have Undergone Chemotherapy or Radiation Therapy

Medication is not the only type of medical treatment that can cause hair to fall out or thin. People who have undergone chemotherapy or radiation therapy as a primary means of fighting cancer or as a follow-up treatment after surgery are at a high risk for some hair thinning or loss. The good news is that once the therapy is completed, it is possible to use a hair loss treatment to expedite the recovery of a full head of hair.

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