Is Medical Weight Loss Right for Me?

We see all kinds of overweight people each and every day. People from all walks of life walk through our doors with one goal in mind: losing weight. It seems like such a simple idea on the surface. Unfortunately, many of our clients tried to push themselves to get rid of unwanted pounds through extreme calorie restrictive diets and radical workout programs. What they did not know is that there is more to how the body loses weight than fad diets and over-strained muscles. When we show them what a comprehensive medical weight loss program is really all about, it is normal to see them react with skepticism and uncertainty. Yet, time and time again, our weight loss services have demonstrated an uncanny ability to get people to lose weight—even those who were sure weight loss would never work for them.

How our clients behave around food is a big part of the psychology behind weight loss and weight gain. Many of our clients started out struggling with intense food cravings and addictions. When it is difficult to say no to food or food has so much control over a client’s lifestyle, it is important to include the element of professional treatment to help our clients break these food addictions.

While our clients may have played around with diet and exercise fads in the past, our weight loss programs typically include diet and exercise for optimal results. The fact that so many factors can play a key role in the body’s ability to store and get rid of fat is a major point that must be addressed for our clients to experience significant weight loss. Yet, it is a point that will typically not be addressed through diet and exercise alone; thus, getting the tools and guidance that you need through a medical weight loss program can be extremely helpful.

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