Learn More About Our Weight Loss Treatment

Do you think you have a weight problem? If yes, you have come to the right place. People confuse weight loss programs and professional weight loss treatment. The latter starts when you visit a healthcare professional. The professional will evaluate your health by taking a medical history and vitals.

The professional will use the information to recommend a treatment that is healthy for you. In case you don’t know your ideal weight, we will prescribe a healthy range that you should strive to achieve.

Unlike other programs that start with exercises and diet, weight loss treatment prepares you for the task ahead first. We will look at the health risks associated with every weight loss approach available. From there, we will choose the most convenient option for you.

The Main Features of Our Weight Loss Treatment

We Look at the Cause of Your Weight Problem

Other programs will look at your current weight situation and work from there. In this program, we will want to know the source of your weight. It can be poor eating habits, medications, behavior issues such as alcohol abuse, among many other problems. Fixing the cause of the problem ushers in a new era of you that can control the situation.

We Customize It for You

Weight loss is an individual affair. Putting someone who wants to lose 10 pounds and another who wants to lose 50 pounds on the same program is inefficient. One of them will need to work five times harder than the other will. We always customize our programs based on the client’s wants and needs.

It is Long-Term

We incorporate behavior modeling. Maintaining a healthy weight can be an uphill task even for discerning patients. However, it is imperative that the patient works to keep a healthy body. Behavior treatment can help in your long-term goals.

Who is Eligible for Medical Weight Loss?

Many Americans are eligible for weight loss treatment. They are either obese or overweight. They have also tried to lose weight in the past. Some are successful in this mission. Those that are not lucky can see a specialist in weight loss.

Our weight loss treatment has helped many men and women achieve their goals for their body and health, and it could work for you! Book an appointment at FamWell MD in Jacksonville to find out for sure. Contact us today to set up a consultation!