O-Shot: What Is It and How Can It Benefit You?

Usually, the story is that a man is having difficulty getting aroused. But, women have similar difficulties. This is a problem that you rarely hear about in women. You would prefer to find something that seems a little more natural, rather than to become hooked on some pill every time you want to get aroused for a pleasurable experience with a sexual partner. Fortunately, there is a revolutionary treatment called the O-shot.

What Is the O-Shot?

The O-shot is a chemical and drug-free alternative to other medical approaches to restoring a woman’s libido. After being administered the O-shot, you will immediately feel like it is easier to get aroused. It will also tighten and rejuvenate the areas in and around the injection site, improving everything from better, more intense orgasms to reversing problems with incontinence. It improves lubrication and clitoral stimulation as well. Instead of having to take a pill every time you want to get aroused, the effects of the O-shot remain strong for up to a year and longer in some patients.

A Closer Look at the O-Shot

The process of developing the O-shot is unique in that it is derived from factors that are present inside your own blood. A member of our team will begin the procedure by taking samples of your blood to put inside a specialized centrifuge to separate the growth factors and plasma from the red and white blood cells. This plasma rich platelet (PRP) preparation is then injected into the vaginal region to begin the rejuvenation process. The area at the injection site is numbed so there is no pain or discomfort involved, making the whole procedure quick and easy. The procedure takes about 15-minutes to carry out, and there is no recovery time to worry about. You will be ready for intense arousal and orgasms the same night you have the procedure done. This is how effective the O-shot is compared to medications. Additionally, since there are no drugs involved there are no side effects or issues with drug interactions.

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