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FamWell MD Formula for Success

While adhering to the practice of evidence-based medicine, we provide doctors the means to offer a greater level of care to their patients, and then stand back and watch as the business grows itself organically, credibly and exponentially. The market is captured; all we have to do is continue to put our patients’ needs first.

How do we make this happen?

Adhere to the practice of good medicine; provide solutions based upon a foundation of safety and efficacy.

Current patients will benefit from their doctor offering a broader range of treatments. Finally, someone they trust is offering the solutions they want. Often, they refer family and friends to do the same.

By providing honest care at reasonable prices (often covered by insurance), doctors practices will grow organically and exponentially as their patients refer others.

FamWell MD and Assumptions for Reason for Being

Patients benefit from their OB-GYN offering these treatments and will take advantage of them and will effectively refer friends and family:

As an OB-GYN, I have an established patient base that trusts me implicitly, at least in the area of medicine and healthcare.

We OB-GYNs have been trained and consciences formed to desire the good health and well being of our patients and their families. It is indeed our sworn oath and who we are. We are healers and want to provide as much healing, good health and happiness as we possibly can. We are the first humans to see and touch their children and are present for one of the most important moments of the family’s life: the birth of children.

There are many ailments and conditions that our patients and their families have that they do not seek remedies for that I as their OB-GYN can provide and that would be received well by the patients and their families. Specifically weight management, hormone replacement therapy, and conditions of the skin.

Before I became a FamWell MD I handled these particular situations much differently than I do now and my patient’s have benefitted greatly because I am now offering them and their families more of what they need and want.

My satisfied, well-served patients will bring in their family members for these expanded services and they will tell their friends and they will tell their friends. This business is largely built by word of mouth beginning with our satisfied patient base, no advertising will be needed nor will it be helpful. There is a reasonable impression that if medical or legal professions have to advertise they are not doing something right or they are just after money and not the patient’s well being.

FamWellMD Physician Testimonial by Solution

Weight Management

Obesity in women is a serious health epidemic in this country. It’s time for OB-GYNs to discuss weight issues with their patients,” says Vivian M. Dickerson, MD, past president of ACOG, who made obesity a focus of the organization during her presidency.

Before adding FamWell MD I would recognize that a patient is overweight and suggests they work on losing weight, and perhaps refer them to some stranger at a strange clinic. Patients don’t want to go where they are not comfortable. In the past, the vast majority of my patients would do nothing and I would see the same thing year after year and they would do nothing year after year.

Now that we have added FamWell MD services and treatments I say: I know you want to lose some weight and it will make you feel better and likely help avoid other problems. Here are your options: you can do nothing and things will not improve, I can refer you to this place or that, or introduce you to one of my weight counselors and get you started today.

In the case of referring, the average patient does what they have always done, nothing, because it is easier. In the case of the FamWell MD alternative, the patient starts that day on a course to manage their weight because people have an inclination to follow their Doctor’s orders, especially when the prescription is convenient and not uncomfortable or strange. They are comfortable with their Doctor, thinking: “he knows what is best for me, and he knows me and cares about me. I am in.”

With the FamWell MD weight loss program, the number of my patients who will actually start a sensible healthy, medically supervised weight management program and lose weight has increased dramatically. In the last year hundreds of my patients have started our FamWell MD weight loss program and are losing weight and getting healthier. I am serving my patients and their families better and my gross revenue has increased dramatically.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

In addition to the problem of excess weight, especially as my patients grew older, I found myself needing a solution for balancing deficiencies or absences in hormones which affect a patient’s overall wellness. During my lifetime I had seen changes in the consensus over the safety and use of hormones, in FamWell MD I found a solution and infrastructure to help me educate and treat my patients.

Notwithstanding the lack of consensus, I have been consistently for replacement and have not wavered through the years even though there have been swings back and forth in the medical community, though none as drastic as occurred following the discontinuation of the WHI Study. I largely adhere to the philosophy of my mentor (past President of ACOG), who felt that an OB-GYN physician should care for the female patient in all aspects of her health and wellness, which includes hormone replacement therapy. I am convinced that over time as our levels decline so do we in overall wellness and it is my opinion that the risk benefit ratio is in favor of hormone therapy.

There are so many choices in regards to how we treat our patients; fortunately FamWell MD provides me broad based solutions for both female and male patients. Prior to determining how one would replace deficiencies, one must first decide whether to even replace hormones. I feel this is one of the most important choices we can help our patient make and FamWell MD provided my practice a needed solution and a trusted purchasing network. Whether the patient chooses to replace or not, it is vital to be consistent and open to all forms of replacement. I can now provide my patient with education as to the risk and benefit ratio and replacement options.

My transition to using pellets as a delivery option has been slow, especially if you consider the fact that my first doctor partner 30 years ago prescribed pellets. I adhere to evidence based medicine and my position is reinforced with much research and now with my FamWell MD patient data that shows abnormal values became less important than relative deficiencies.

FamWell MD, unlike others, does not have just one way of replacing hormones. Similar to everything else we do in patient care, we must take into consideration cost and convenience, which then lends to compliance.

Conditions Of The Skin

Again, my patients look to me for help in navigating their health needs and their skin health is no exception. I had no idea how much of a difference I could make for my patients and their overall skin health and beauty. FamWell MD has provided me an evidence-based system that analyzes and treats a wide variety of skin conditions utilizing various techniques, specialized equipment and medical grade products.

As an OB-GYN I was perfectly suited to help address my patient’s needs, fulfilling a desire many of my patients have to look and feel their best. I now have a method to measure depth of pores, skin condition, wrinkles, pigment disturbances, UV damage, bacteria levels, and then provide needed solutions to problems we may identify.

Why would I want my patient going to some MedSpa that may or may not adhere to the practice of good medicine? Prescription-strength cosmetic products that contain hydroquinone, tretinoin, and vitamin C should be governed by a medical practice and we OB-GYNs have an indigenous patient base that has a need for the same. Moreover, the use of prescription injectables such as botulinum toxin and filler gel, along with prescription treatment for eyelash hypotrichtosis fits perfectly in my practice and can be delivered by my advanced registered nurse practitioner.

Importantly, FamWell MD has added cash based income stream to my practice. My advanced registered nurse practitioners both refer and care for many aesthetic patients. I leveraged my prior experience in conditions of the skin, and have taken my practice to another level. As my new business grows, there is further opportunity to train further with FamWell MD.

OB-GYN doctors are comfortable in surgery and can provide total body care. Given my large and growing patient base, a base my plastic surgeon friends envy, I can offer my patients great results that are affordable. FamWell MD helped me navigate the complex equipment landscape, and gain training and technique for procedures including body contouring, fractional CO2 resurfacing, and facial lift procedures.

The Bottom Line

FamWell MD is a doctor founded, safe & efficacious, profitable, fair, turn-key operation that includes training, corporate systems, supplies, and support.

FamWell MD is now selecting top OB-GYN doctors/doctor owned practices around the nation who are interested in offering their patients a new level of care and service.

FamWell MD can:

  • Enable a physician owned practice with solutions that provide needed care for its patients, care too often provided by laymen.
  • Provide legal due diligence necessary to put your practice in business.
  • Add new female and male patients to your patient base.
  • Protect doctor autonomy; FamWell MD doctors/doctor owned practices maintain sole discretion regarding all aspects of the provision of medical care and the hiring of medical staff.
  • Offer three robust solutions that serve your patient base, while creating an active referral source for your OB-GYN practice.
  • Deliver a turn-key solution that provides proven training, marketing, operation, protocol, and software systems.

All services discussed are representative of typical and/or expected results/experiences; however, we cannot guarantee individual outcomes/experiences will match those described and/or depicted in images.