PRP for Stretch Marks Removal

Areas of rough skin texture, especially those that are darkened or otherwise discolored, are difficult to treat using just moisturizers and vitamin gels. The problem, of course, is that these damaged skin cells continue to reproduce themselves without improvement. Skin grafting and other methods of surgical skin ablation and repositioning are options, but many of our clients balk at the idea of invasive procedures. Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is a simple alternative for stretch marks removal.

The idea is to use the platelets in your blood to kickstart a rejuvenation process. Sometimes, PRP is combined with other stretch marks removal options in order to achieve maximum results. Stretch marks are a common skin problem that the treatment can successfully address.

What Causes Stretch Marks?

These lines on the skin can be white, blue, purple, or gray. They are typically the result of weight loss, but they can also appear after pregnancy. They form after the skin has been stretched, which is why they are called stretch marks. They pose no medical concern, they are simply an aesthetic issue for some.

The Secret Behind Stretch Marks Removal

Blood platelets contain a special set of proteins and other growth factors. When you cut yourself, the platelets mix with oxygen, and this causes a clot to form. This stops the bleeding, but the platelets have another powerful weapon to help you heal. These are the proteins in the platelets. They help by acting as signaling and directive agents for the formation of new replacement skin tissue.

When a concentrated amount of platelets are injected into damaged skin, the body reacts the same way it would had an injury occurred. After several treatment sessions, problems such as stretch marks begin to fade.

How We Perform the Procedure

We will draw a small amount of blood from your arm vein. We spin it in a special type of centrifuge until the red cells are separated from the plasma and platelets. We concentrate the remaining mix even further and add a special solution to activate the platelets.

Multiple treatment sessions are recommended for the best results. We can discuss your personalized treatment plan with you at your consultation. How many treatments you may need as well as how long each session will last depends entirely on how many stretch marks you want to treat and how large the target area is.

To learn more about this highly successful means of improving skin texture and treating stretch marks, feel free to speak with the educated staff at FamWell MD. Using PRP to regenerate skin and improve its appearance is becoming one of the most popular alternatives to more aggressive, invasive treatments. We have two offices conveniently located in Jacksonville, FL. Contact us today to schedule your stretch marks removal consultation!