Seeking Sun Damage Treatment? Check Out Isolaz

Taking in a half hour of sun can be beneficial to receive a regular amount of Vitamin D. This vitamin is critical for your mood and other biological functions. However, people typically receive far more sun than they need. For those who love being outside, it’s difficult to limit yourself. The sun is a warm and pleasant heater that makes your skin a lovely darkened tone. However, too much time under the sun also causes blemishes that many prefer to be without. Sunspots and even wrinkles can be caused by sun damage. If you want to enjoy the sun but also have an easy sun damage treatment that you can rely on to look your best, then you should consider Isolaz.

What is Isolaz?

Although primarily used for acne removal, Isolaz can also be a powerful sun damage treatment. It utilizes two different methods to cleanse and purge the skin of blemishes. These two methods are as follows: A vacuum is used to loosen the skin and to extract dirt, bacteria, and oil that is trapped within your pores. With your pores properly cleaned out and treated, Isolaz then uses a laser to target those spots and help create an even skin tone. The treatment of those areas essentially tells the skin to produce new skin. This is what gives you that fresh look and even tone of skin.

It also can be used to treat other blemishes. As mentioned before, it can be an effective tool against acne. However, it can also treat facial redness, discoloration, and other issues. Because of how powerful and effective it is–not to mention the many uses it has–many people are using Isolaz to look and feel their best.

Who is a Good Candidate?

If you’re interested in using Isolaz as a sun damage treatment, then you’re in luck. This treatment is effective for almost anyone with any skin type. This makes it quite a desirable method since many other procedures only work effectively on certain people.

If you’ve been looking into your options regarding sun damage treatment, talk to the team at FamWell MD about your treatment options. There’s a good chance that Isolaz can work for you. Contact us today to book your appointment at our office in Jacksonville.