Enlarged Pore Treatment

Large pores giving you a poor reflection?

Although the Photoshoped models and celebrities in the weekly gossip magazines may suggest otherwise, the fact is everyone, every face, has pores. One of the keys to maintaining a healthy, glowing appearance is to control the size of your pores. Enlarged pores, or pores clogged with blackheads or other bacterial growth can quickly become a source of distraction and discontent.

What causes enlarged pores?

It could be a combination of issues. Your family’s genetics may determine pore size, untreated sun damage, poor diet or poor exfoliation could all be at the root of your excessive pore size. Cleaning your pores correctly can help with your pore appearance. But, careless application of facial creams and cleaners could actually have the reverse effect and aggravate your pores.

At FamWell, we specialize in treating enlarged pores. Using the revolutionary Isolaz treatment system or facial chemical peels, we excel at:

  • Cleaning out pore-clogging and enlarging debris
  • Treating bacteria and blackheads
  • Reducing excessive oiliness
  • Smoothing
  • Reducing sun damage
  • Shrinking pore openings

We treat enlarged pores with: Metrix, Fotona laser, CORE CO2 laser and Micro Pen with PRP.