Stretch Marks Treatment

Shrink those stretch marks.

When you think about it, our skin is one of the more amazing parts of the human body. It provides protection, it defines our appearance. It’s incredibly flexible, and grows with us as we advance from a tiny infant to full-grown adults. But, as flexible as our skin may be, it also has its limits.

In extreme instances of weight gain or muscle growth, and especially with the radical body changes that pregnancy brings, our skin can develop stretch marks. These stretch marks actually take place in the skin’s middle layer. When the skin is stretched beyond its natural elasticity, the dermis breaks down and stretch marks emerge.

These unsightly marks more often than not appear in the abdominal area, thighs, breasts, arms, hips and lower back.

At FamWell, we can help improve your make your stretch marks using Fotona, PRP, Ematrix and Carbossi treatments to decrease their appearance.

To avoid stretch marks, maintain a healthy weight and avoid the over-indulgence of caffeine products. Drink plenty of water and be sure to enjoy foods that are rich in vitamins. Hydrated skin is happy skin.