Weight Loss

How does our weight loss program work?

The FamWell MD Nutrition Education & Weight Loss Solution is an individualized, medically-supervised program. Our meal plans are calorie and carbohydrate specific to your weight loss goals and our team will be with you every step of the way to help avoid any health-related complications and offer encouragement.

With different meal options available (quick and easy, gluten-free, vegetarian, eating out and family friendly) our plans can fit into any lifestyle. You will have weekly education and individualized goals to help you make the necessary lifestyle changes needed to lose weight and maintain weight loss for a lifetime.

The FamWell MD Nutrition Education & Weight Loss Solution:

Medically supervised weight loss program.

Individually prescribed, medically supervised, nutrition based, weight loss program that can help you break free of yo-yo, short term, point based, pre-packaged food diets that largely fail.

You are likely not at fault, are not alone, and can’t expect to simply “eat less and exercise more.”

Our solution provides doctor supervision, accountability, and support through hands-on counseling, education, and appetite suppressant medication if prescribed.

At FamWell you will have the support and counseling you need to stay on track to reach your weight loss goal and achieve lifelong balance.

Our trained, attentive Nurse Practitioners and counselors will visit with you weekly, answer questions, celebrate your successes, keep your spirits up and most of all listen to you.

This is not a food resale program, a pill clinic, or an “HCG” diet.

We have fun and care for the entire patient; because FamWell MD is in a Doctor’s office the patient gets the medical care they need without gimmicks.

We accept most major insurance providers and our staff will check your insurance coverage options for you.

The Consultation

Our Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners and weight loss counselors are trained to guide you through the weight loss phase to maintenance. Typically, patients in our program can lose up to several pounds a week (loss rate varies and is often dependent on the total amount of weight needed to lose). Don’t take our word for it; check out our testimonials page.*

FamWell MD is medical grade and accepts insurance, we prescribe individual plans that can help you lose weight and transform your relationship with food. Our meal plans are calorie and carbohydrate specific for your weight loss and disease reduction goals. With different meal options available (quick and easy, gluten free, vegetarian, eating out and family friendly), our plans can fit into any lifestyle.

Our weight loss solution tackles the problem of nutrition and obesity, while considering the comorbidities frequently associated with obesity (including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and hypertension).

The Medical Doctor Or Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner Will:

Perform a full medical assessment including a blood based labs, body composition analysis, EKG, physical exam and health history.

Assess eating habits and develop a meal plan that accommodates your personal tastes and desired weight goals.

Calculate and track each calorie level within the program, individualized for you depending on metabolic needs, activity, and hormonal balances.

Determine whether to prescribe an appetite suppressant.

Building Your Healthy Lifestyle

The Nurse Practitioner and Counselor will provide weekly individual education sessions to promote the development of healthy eating and discuss lifestyle strategies to develop skills necessary to work towards a plan for long-term maintenance while avoiding relapse.

Working weekly with the Counselor, you will identify “hunger-triggers” and plan responses that will hopefully influence your ability to make healthy choices for a lifetime. You will also receive advice on how to make smart eating choices when you are eating out in restaurants or attending social events.

With support, adequate supplementation, and medication (if prescribed), you are more likely to be successful with a sustained weight loss effort.

The FamWell MD Nutrition Education and Weight Loss Solution provide you with the tools and support necessary to make lifelong lifestyle changes. View testimonials from some of our patients here.

* All services discussed are representative of typical and/or expected results/experiences; however, we cannot guarantee individual outcomes/experiences will match those described and/or depicted in images.