Skin Rejuvenation: What to Expect From eMatrix

Skin rejuvenation treatments involving focused radio-frequency energy can be used to improve the appearance of multiple kinds of skin abnormalities that might appear undesirable to many. Laser resurfacing can reduce stretch marks, enlarged pores, and other blemishes with no scarring and fast results.

Laser skin resurfacing has evolved significantly since it first became popular in the 1970s. The most notable improvements have been the highly reduced scarring and capabilities of equipment used, making it the right choice for also reducing cellulite, acne scarring and other unwanted skin abnormalities.

What is eMatrix?

eMatrix is a unique and innovative skin rejuvenation treatment that applies radio-frequency (RF) technology to improve the appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin, blemishes and scarring. It has been approved by the FDA for these purposes.

eMatrix sends powerful RF energy into the layers of the skin just below the epidermis. As the skin is heated, the production of collagen and elastin is increased. It’s the lower levels of collagen and elastin that cause many of the skin problems that come with aging.

As we age, lower levels of collagen and elastin are produced. It’s these two forms of protein that are responsible for the repairing of damaged skin and a youthful appearance. The more these two kinds of proteins are produced by the body, the more attractive the skin becomes.

The sublative rejuvenation system does not overheat the uppermost layer of skin, the epidermis, like other laser and light treatments do. Other laser and light systems work by overheating the epidermis to such a degree that the body is forced to produce new skin cells. The eMatrix system employs what is known as fractionated bipolar RF energy to penetrate into the skin.

Are You a Good Candidate for eMatrix?

One of the most agreeable things about this system is how it can be applied to so many other skin problems besides the noticeable effects of aging. It can be used on many parts of the body including the neck, shoulders, arms and even the abdomen.

Due to the penetrating effects of fractionated bipolar energy, healing can occur on a level that many women and men will surprising. The treatment can reduce scarring and redness of the skin by actually helping it heal without any skin-darkening side-effects. It’s one of the RF treatment benefits that can be so accommodating to people with darker skin tones.

The equipment that is used by physicians who administer the treatments can be precisely calibrated for specific RF energy output levels and intensities. The more melanin a skin has, the more it will absorb RF energy. With eMatrix, the energy is absorbed into the skin without impacting the epidermis enough to change its appearance after healing has taken place.

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