Thinning Hair? Consider Hair Loss Treatments!

As we age, our bodies are the first to show the signs externally. It usually begins with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in addition to weight gain, and often rapidly thinning hair. Hair loss may be caused by a number of factors, including genetics, hormone imbalances, or an underlying health condition such as alopecia. If you are experiencing hair loss, consider our professional treatments as a way to restore your hair and confidence.

Hair loss treatments can be found in over-the-counter and prescription topical creams, ointments, and shampoos. But the best available options for hair loss treatment are medically-supervised and typically show longer-lasting results.

Some treatments for hair loss work to help regrow your hair, stimulate hair follicles, and increase your hair’s luminosity, fullness, strength, and overall health. It may work by using your body’s already existing healing properties.

Over-the-counter and prescription shampoos and ointments have been the go-to hair loss treatment for decades. These show ok results, but they appear to be somewhat short-lived. This method is not recommended if you have limited time to apply the medicated therapy daily.

That’s why we are so happy to provide safe and effective hair loss treatments at our office. These treatments don’t just mask the hair loss; they work to treat it at its source and then prevent future hair thinning or loss from occurring.

Hair restoration at our office can strengthen your hair follicles and encourage them to do their job with simple treatment sessions in the comfort of our office. It can’t get much better than this.

While hair loss may seem like the end of the world, it does not have to mean the end of your confidence. By seeking treatment for hair loss, you will be taking the first step to not only regenerating hair growth, but also giving yourself a much-needed confidence boost. Contact us today at FamWell MD in Jacksonville for a consultation!