Tools for Finding the Right OBGYN Clinic

Finding an OBGYN clinic with a doctor who you’re comfortable seeing is essential to your feminine health. The doctor you see should be one who encourages you to ask questions and who is concerned about any issues that you might have with your body. Since this is the doctor you’ll likely see if you’re pregnant, then you should be comfortable with the care that is provided for your baby as well along with the care that you’ll be given during the labor and delivery process.

Talk to your friends about the OBGYN clinic they visit to get a referral. There are also likely reviews on websites for OBGYN offices in your area, which can be a helpful resource. Your friends will likely give you more details about which offices to avoid and which ones offer a comforting environment that makes you want to visit the doctor.

Find out if the doctor is readily available to deliver your baby if you’re pregnant or if there could be someone else at the hospital when you go into labor. You also need to find out if there is one doctor you’ll see for your visits at the office or if you’ll see another doctor or even a physician’s assistant. When you’re trying to find the right OBGYN clinic, you need to ask about the office’s policies. Ask if you can call the office on the weekends or if there are certain practices that are offered or not offered by the office.

Think about whether the gender of the OBGYN matters. You might be more comfortable with a certain gender, but that could leave your options limited, especially if you live in a smaller town. When you’re looking at the location of the office, you want to find one that is close to where you live or where you work so that it’s easy to reach the office when you have an appointment or if there’s an emergency. Since many offices are located near a hospital, you should consider which facility you would prefer when it’s time to deliver your baby. Once you’ve narrowed your search for the right OBGYN clinic down to a few you like, you can begin looking at some of the fine details, such as the types of insurance the office accepts and the certifications that the office holds.

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