Treatment for Stretch Marks – Things to Consider

Although you may not like the way that stretch marks make you appear, they do not actually require medical intervention. They are completely harmless and tend to fade eventually. However, most people would prefer to have them treated so that they fade more rapidly and completely. You have a number of treatment options for minimizing or erasing these marks. Multiple treatments have been successful for many people in the removal of this common skin condition.


Many patients have found success using PRP treatments to reduce or eliminate their stretch marks. This is a skin rejuvenation treatment commonly used for the treatment of common skin problems and other issues, such as hair loss and pain. When used for the treatment of stretch marks, blood is drawn from the patient so that a special mix known as platelet-rich plasma can be created. From there, the solution is used in order to minimize the appearance of the marks on the skin.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is one of the most popular treatments for the removal of stretch marks. It leaves patients with smoother-looking skin with little to no downtime needed. The laser device emits beams of laser energy that are carefully controlled by the practitioner. The process helps to trigger your own body’s natural healing processes, resulting in the creation of healthy new tissue. New collagen will be deposited in the treatment area to aid in the elimination of your stretch marks.

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