What and When is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month will begin October 1 and continue on through October 31. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an annual campaign designed to bring awareness to breast cancer. During the month, special programs are held throughout the country and around the world with the goal of educating people about breast cancer, discussing breast cancer prevention, as well as discussing some of the tools that are available to help women who are in need.

The goal of Breast Cancer Awareness Month is to prevent, minimize, and in the future completely eradicate breast cancer. The best chances for survival of breast cancer come with early detection. Education is also a key factor. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, effort is put forth to raise funds that will be dedicated to researching the causes of breast cancer, improving diagnosis techniques, breast cancer prevention methods, and breast cancer treatments. The ultimate goal is to search for a cure. During the month-long campaign, information and support is provided for women battling with breast cancer, and a lot of emphasis is put on the importance of prevention Prevention methods include early screening, early testing, and more.

While the majority of breast cancer victims are women, men can also develop breast cancer. Now, the third week of October is designated as Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week. However, Breast cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer around the world. Breast cancer is the leading cause of mortality among women around the world.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is dedicated towards bringing awareness, supporting those touched by the disease, as well emphasizing the importance of practicing necessary prevention. By receiving regular exams, ensuring overall breast health, and being aware of any changes in breast tissue, it could potentially save your life.

Here at FamWell, MD. it is our goal to ensure the overall health of each of our clients. During this very important month,we are proud to offer the prevention screenings necessary for supporting breast health and overall health. In light of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, reach out to us today and schedule your consultation towards improved wellness!