What Can Stretch Marks Treatment Do for Me?

A stretch mark is a form of scar that forms when your skin shrinks or stretches rapidly. This sudden change leads to the rupturing of the collagen and elastin fibers that support your skin. Stretch marks may appear as your skin heals. Although this skin condition is common and harmless, most people consider them to be unattractive and begin looking for some form of stretch marks treatment to enhance the appearance of their skin.

Many patients have their stretch marks minimized or removed simply because they don’t like the appearance of the marks. This is understandable since when a person has something about their appearance that they don’t like, they want to do something about it. Stretch marks treatment at our office allows you to minimize the appearance of these marks so that you can get back to living your life with total confidence.

Of course, the most appropriate type of treatment for stretch marks depends on the severity of the marks and other factors. That’s why we are proud to offer a number of solutions at our office. We may use just one method or a combination of methods to get the desired results. For example, we may use Fotona, PRP, Ematrix and/or Carbossi treatments on your stretch marks.

Laser options have become a very popular stretch marks treatment that can also reduce the effects of aging, sun damage, and certain skin disorders. This treatment has a reputation of being extremely safe, effective, and fast. The procedure works by delivering controlled laser energy to the treatment area.

One of the advantages to undergoing laser treatment for stretch marks is its ability to work extremely precisely. We are only targeting the skin affected by the stretch marks; surrounding skin tissue should be unaffected by the treatment.

If you would like more information about our treatments, or if you would like to schedule a stretch marks treatment for yourself, please feel free to get in touch with us at FamWell MD in Jacksonville. Contact us today to book your appointment and learn about all of your options!