Who Can Benefit from the CO2RE Intima Laser?

Numerous women suffer from vaginal discomfort during the course of their lives. Sometimes this is the result of pregnancy and childbirth, menopause or fluctuations in their hormone levels. This can result in many different symptoms such as vaginal laxity and dryness. This can be frustrating and lead to urinary incontinence and a decline in sexual pleasure . The CO2RE Intima laser is an ideal option for vaginal discomfort as well as the side effects.

The laser helps deal with these types of issues because it enhances the natural processes of the body including the production of collagen and toning and tightening the vaginal tissues. As time passes, the vaginal wall can start to lose elasticity and stretch, resulting in vaginal laxity. The CO2RE Intima laser treatment is an outpatient procedure performed in the comfort of our office. No surgery is necessary. As soon as the treatment is completed, you can easily resume your daily schedule.

The laser resurfaces the outer tissue and vaginal canal. The descent and wrinkling of the labia is repaired at the same time the lining of the vagina is restored. The vaginal canal becomes tighter and the outside tissues have a healthier appearance. The treatment is fast, does not require any sutures or stitches and there is absolutely no downtime.

The Benefits of the CO2RE Intima Laser

The intimate relationship and general well-being of the woman is often strained due to vaginal atrophy. Once the tone of the vaginal tissue has decreased, involuntary leakage can result when the woman sneezes, laughs or coughs. There may also be severe discomfort during intercourse due to a lack of lubrication. The CO2RE Intima is an effective solution for women experiencing:

• Painful intercourse
• Bladder leakage
• A decrease in vaginal lubrication
• Genital burning

The treatment restores the tissues of the vagina. Collagen production is also enhanced to assist with natural lubrication. The lack of estrogen decreases the production of lubrication and causes the lining of the vagina to become less elastic and thinner. The CO2RE Intima laser treatment is safe for women who have lost estrogen due to aging or other reasons.

There are a wide variety of benefits with this procedure due to the enhanced collagen production. This includes:

• A decrease in stress due to urinary inconstancy
• A decrease in dryness and laxity of the vagina
• An improvement in sexual pleasure
• An improvement in the aesthetics of the vagina

The treatment offers relief from discomfort, irritation and dryness of an extremely sensitive area of the body. This procedure is the solution for women suffering from any of these issues. If you are interested in the CO2RE Intima laser treatment, please schedule your personal consultation at FamWell MD in Jacksonville. Contact us today to book your appointment!